Developping Process

First Stage

Requirements definition, model definition, customer definition, risk assessment

Second Stage

Technical specification, program review and plan making

Third Stage

Hardware development, software development, security design

Fourth Stage

Certification test (safety, reliability and stability)electrical performance test

Fifth Stage

Field test

Sixth Stage

Trial production, mass production

Ability Of Hardware Development
  • Control Unit Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Hardware Architecture Design
  • PCB Design and Internal Harness Design
  • Modular Design of Control Design
  • Hull Design
  • Modular Design of Power Device
  • Heat Conduction and Simulation Design and Analysis
  • Selection of Components
  • Reliable FEMA Analysis and Analysis of Shake
  • EMC Design and Verification
Ability Of Software Development
  • System :

    Real-time operating system

    Supporting the preemptive multitasking and cooperative multitasking

    Supporting on-chip and off-chip intelligence

  • Communication :

    CAN2.0B, Li, 485, 232 and other different communication interfaces

    CCP standardization;

    Completely supporting CCP protocol and DAO-mode observation

  • Storage :

    Through flash simulation, EEPROM with multi-backup structure;

    Storing and testing ramTst. flash test

  • BootLoader :

    Confirming to the ISO 1 5765 protocol

  • UDS Diagnostic Services :

    Confirming to the ISO 15765 protocol .

  • Control Algorithm
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