HMS Fuel Cell Controller



    The Hydrogen Fuel Cell DC-DC System Controller(HMS)is the first stage of control of the hydrogen fuel cell DC-DC.
    The chips used in the hydrogen fuel cell DC-DC system controllers developed by Edo are all car-level chips, and the IP67's protection rating ensures that they can still function in high temperature and humidity environments.
    The hydrogen fuel cell DC-DC system controller ensures that the DC-DC is working safely and reliably by determining the parameters of the DC-DC and the inspection parameters of the components outside the DC-DC. Hydrogen fuel cell DC-DC system controller(HMS) hashydrothermal management, electrical performance management, multi-stage troubleshooting, communication functions.

Technical features

● Hydrothermal management: the efficiency of the hydrogen fuel cell DCDC is directly related to water and heat management, through the control of the cooling system to enable the
   DCDC to operate in the appropriate temperature range, to achieve the stability of DCDC operation;
● Electrical performance management: real-time detection of DCDC voltage current, control of output power, and DCDC input current and current changes in a reasonable range;
● Communication function: high-speed CAN and FCU controller and other systems to communicate, to ensure the HMS control instructions issued and other systems effective
● Multi-stage fault diagnosis: the fault judgment of each part of the system is realized, the form of warning and shutdown is implemented, and the safety of the system in the event of
   failure is effectively guaranteed.

Apply the schematic

Technical parameters



The input voltage range


Operating temperature


Protection level


Communication capabilities

2 way CAN

Hardware protection

Hardware isolation

Simulated input

10 AD acquisition

Pulse input

2 pulse signal inputs

Digital output

2 PWM,16 switches

Temperature acquisition

8 way temperature acquisition

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