Our Advantages


High Coverage

Meets the full range fuel cell of 5-150KW.


High efficiency

99.6% energy conversion.



Integrated PDU Power Distribution Unit.



Small size lightweight high performance cost-effective.

On the technical side

The company also made major breakthroughs in energy conversion rates in 2020, particularly in the demand for high-power hydrogen fuel cell systems and for bulk delivery. With an energy conversion rate of 99.6% using Sic materials, performance will grow exponentially, and DC/DC products will maintain their domestic lead position, and are currently one of the companies with an integrated competitive advantage in both operating and non-isolated DC/DC products in different operating conditions and application scenarios. The company's first generation of isolated fuel cell DC/DC converter, is the only single operating mileage has now reached 80,000 kilometers of hydrogen fuel cell bulk power products, widely used in Yihuatong, Futian, Weichai, Zhongzhi, hydrogen road, the United States PLUGPOWER and other industry leaders.

On the basis of industrialization

Has completed the domestic and foreign customers loading verification.

Hundreds of orders of intent have been received actively delivered.

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