Power Distribution Unit (Forklift)



 high voltage power distribution unit in high voltage system solution of new energy vehicle. The high-voltage components are electrically connected through the busbar and harness to provide charge and discharge control, power on control of high-voltage components, circuit overload and short-circuit protection, high-voltage sampling, low-voltage control and other functions for the high-voltage system of new energy vehicles, so as to protect and monitor the operation of the high-voltage system.

Technical features

 PDU can also integrate BMS main control, charging module, DC module, PTC control module and other functions. Compared with traditional PDU, PDU has more vehicle function modules, more integrated functions and more complex structure. It has cooling structures such as water cooling or air cooling. PDU has flexible configuration, can be customized and developed according to customer requirements, and can meet the needs of different customers and different models. The core concept of PDU corresponds to the whole vehicle scheme and is customized according to the needs of the depot

Application diagram

Technical parameters

DC input voltage range


Input current range

0 ~ 250A

Rated input current In


Protection function

It has the functions of short-circuit protection and high-voltage interlock

insulation resistance

Under normal atmospheric conditions, the input and output terminals shall be isolated from the equipment shell, and the isolation resistance shall not be less than 200m Ω (measured by 1000V gear of insulation meter)

Voltage withstand performance

The dielectric strength between the wiring terminal to the ground (shell) and the circuit without electrical connection with each other shall be able to withstand the test voltage of 2500V (DC) for 1min.

Degree of protection


Operating ambient temperature

-40℃~85℃(maximum operating ambient temperature of contactor is 85℃)

salt spray test

Neutral salt spray test≥360h;Copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test≥72h(GB/T10125)


Working noise≤70dBA

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