CVM Fuel Cell Controller



    Hydrogen fuel cell single-chip voltage detector(CVM) is themain means to detect fuel cell quality. The chips used in the single-chip voltage detector of the hydrogen fuel cell developed by Yixuan are all car-level chips, and the IP67 protection rating ensures that it can still work in high temperature and humidity.
    The hydrogen fuel cell single-chip voltage detector can sample all single-chip batteries in the reactor and analyze the data in real time to transmit the data to the hydrogen fuel cell system controller(FCU),, that every single-chip battery of the fuel cell is operating safely and reliably.

Technical features

● Voltage isolation: system power supply and system use of power isolation, improve anti-jamming performance, ensure reliability;
● High voltage isolation: the reactor voltage uses isolated voltage sampling, the high voltage of the reactor and the system supply voltage isolation, to ensure the safety of sampling
   single-chip battery voltage;
● High-precision measurement: The sampling circuit uses a high-precision sampling chip to achieve high-precision sampling of single-chip battery voltage, ensuring the smallest
   error of each single-chip voltage signal.
● Cascading design: Cascading design with multi-module cascading to sample more single-chip battery voltages.

Technical parameters



The input voltage range


Operating temperature


Communication capabilities

1 way CAN

The number of detection tablets


Single-piece detection accuracy


Single-piece detection range


Multiple pieces detect the total maximum voltage


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