Fuel Cell Isolated Boost DC-DC Converter(180KW-600A)



The DC / DC converter is one of the key components in fuel cell systems. A high-voltage DC platform used to match the DC output of fuel cells to the power system, providing electricity to the power system and charging its power battery.
This product is mainly used in fuel cell stationary power applications. It converts the output voltage of fuel cells into the required working voltage on the input side of grid connected inverters, providing electricity for the power grid or load, such as backup power supply in data centers.

Technical features

Designed with full SIC power devices and modular ;
High switching frequency, high power density and high efficiency;
Resonant soft switching and multiphase interleaved parallel technology,adopting fully digital control;
Better dynamic adjustment ability , adapt to larger fluctuation range of the load.

Apply the schematic

Technical Parameter

Input voltage range 250~500Vdc
Output voltage range 600~950Vdc
Input current range 10~600A

Product size:

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