Fuel cell reactor technology is in the golden development period.

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Experts believe that through the introduction of fuel cell technology, and digestion and absorption of development into independent technology, the construction of electric reactors, system integration and vehicle production lines, the formation of hydrogen energy industrialization development platform, is conducive to enterprises occupying the high point of hydrogen technology.

This year's subsidy policy is conducive to promoting the development of fuel cell reactors, driving the exploration and diversification of reactor technology, and promoting the progress of the hydrogen energy industry. At a recent symposium on the development of fuel cell reactor technology, experts said.

It is understood that in recent years, China's fuel cell reactor technology has developed rapidly, the performance of the reactor has greatly improved, has been close to the international level, but the reliability of the reactor, life, cost compared with the advanced level of foreign countries there is still a large gap.

Policies are good for the development of electric reactors.

In April this year, the Ministry of Finance and other four ministries issued the "Notice on improving the promotion and application of new energy vehicles financial subsidy policy" proposed to adjust the subsidy mode, carry out fuel cell vehicle demonstration application, clear "to replace" the establishment of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle industry chain;

"Since 2018, the development rate of China's hydrogen energy industry has accelerated significantly, the hydrogen energy industry has blossomed everywhere, and a new wave of hydrogen energy development has been set off throughout the country. Thanks to the top-level hydrogen energy support policy, has formed Shanghai, Guangdong Foshan - Yunfu, Shandong Jinan and Hebei Zhangjiakou and other hydrogen energy industry gathering areas, and gradually extended to all parts of the country. Yan Xiqiang, deputy general manager of Guohong Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd., believes that this is conducive to promoting the technological development of key components, industrialization scale development and commercialization demonstration and promotion, and further set off a new high tide of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle development.

Yi Peiyun, general manager of Shanghai Hydrogen Morning New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said this year's new round of subsidies will change the fuel cell pattern, especially for high-power hydrogen fuel cell reactors, will be a rare opportunity for development.

Yan Xiqiang said:"Hydrogen fuel power system in the vehicle cost accounted for more than 70%,the main components include fuel cell reactor, high-voltage hydrogen storage tank, electric motors, power control devices, etc. , the core part is the fuel cell reactor, in the fuel cell system accounted for about 65%,with the policy increase disjointed production scale and the gradual realization of the reactor localization, the cost of the reactor is expected to drop by 60%."

Bipolar plate technology applies to different scenarios.

As the core component of the fuel cell reactor, the bipolar plate is composited as graphite, metal and composite bipolar plate. Experts said that due to the application scenarios, power and other differences, all kinds of bipolar plates in different applications have advantages, therefore, in the future for a long time different materials of the bipolar plate will coexist and complement each other.

For fuel cell reactors, high reliability, long life and low cost are necessary to ensure that the reactor is more competitive. Yan Xiqiang pointed out:"At present, flexible graphite bipolar plate in the leading position, its low raw material cost, but also to retain the graphite bipolar plate high conductivity and high corrosion resistance, while solving the hard graphite plate processing cycle long, brittle problem, to achieve the batch preparation of the bipolar plate, reduce the double plate preparation costs."

The metal bipolar plate also has its applicable scenario. Yi Peiyun said that the metal bipolar plate reactor has the advantages of high power density, fast cold start, good seismic performance, suitable for more than 100kW of high-power reactor high-volume manufacturing.

Yi Peiyun admitted: "High-power reactor at the same time face the inevitable technical challenges, compared with small power reactor, power is not a simple quantity plus or minus, its design concept and technical difficulty is completely different, the need for better design, sealing, assembly and solve the problem of lowering."

The application scenario and the vehicle's demand for the electric reactor is different, passenger cars pay more attention to power performance, and commercial vehicles need economic assurance, there is no one reactor for all scenarios, so to follow the scene difference design to meet different needs of the electric reactor. Yi Peiyun said.

Establish the whole industrial chain ecology.

Yan Xiqiang said that the full industrial chain layout of hydrogen energy can promote the fuel cell reactor further research and development iteration and the rapid development of the hydrogen energy industry. Take Guohong hydrogen energy on the fuel cell reactor research and development promotion as an example, Guohong hydrogen can carry out fuel cell reactor research and development and production, hydrogen source from the United States Jin energy industry by-product hydrogen, membrane electrode research and development belongs to Hongji Energy, Xinghua New Energy hydrogenation equipment research and development and hydrogenation station construction operation, vehicle research and development by the Flying Coach responsible for the formation of hydrogen energy industry chain ecology.

Therefore, it is particularly important to establish a large-scale power reactor production line and form an industrial development platform. Through the introduction of fuel cell technology, and digestion and absorption of development into independent technology, the construction of electric reactors, system integration and vehicle production lines, the formation of hydrogen energy industrialization development platform, conducive to enterprises occupying the high point of hydrogen technology. Yan Xiqiang said.

Yi Peiyun stressed that the core competitiveness of the reactor depends on performance, life and cost, performance and component matching and environmental adaptability, high life requires high temperature and durability of materials, consistent design and high precision manufacturing, and to further reduce costs, we need to improve performance, component integrated design. /b10> Therefore, the development of intelligent manufacturing technology for the assembly of electric reactors to enable automatic identification, matching, assembly and monitoring of components and reactors is also critical.

Source: : China Energy News.

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